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Crave Discussion Post (Spoilers)

If you’d like to discuss Crave, please do so here. If you haven’t read it, please see the previous post 🙂

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  1. Hi Crowley!
    Read Crave and we’ll this one was a lot too much for me. Couldn’t stop reading once I got started and love how you hold the readers’
    attention. Well, but Kink was out there but still a good read.
    I’m don’t feel any curiosity to read Crave 2!
    Right now, I’m reading Vacation! Just over 200 page mark and curious to see what’s going to happen!

    • crowley crowley

      Thanks for the comments 🙂
      Yeah I can see how it could be too much for some! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy vacationers!

  2. I forgot to proof read before sending,
    I really am more articulate than I come across!

  3. Christine Christine

    I couldn’t put Crave down!! I would very much like to see a Crave 2 to see how things continue!

    • crowley crowley

      Cool, thanks!!

  4. Ma'at Miller Ma'at Miller

    Would be interested in seeing where you go with Crave 2. I liked Vacationers as well. You guys are some sick mofos.

    • crowley crowley

      Thank you very much.
      That, we are 🙂

  5. Josh Josh

    loved it…cant wait to see what you got in store for a sequel!

    • crowley crowley


  6. Monte Monte

    Wow….that was freaking crazy and scary as sh*t. I couldn’t put it down. Sci-Fi and true Horror at its best. I cant’t wait for part 2. In fact, I crave it!!!!

    • crowley crowley

      Awesome, thanks!

  7. Dave Prosen Dave Prosen

    I really enjoyed Crave. Even when I was expecting something crazy and nasty from you, I did not expect that! Great book and keep up the good work. I would really like to see a second one.

  8. Ash Ash

    I really liked this book. Please write a sequel.

  9. Jim Jim

    No. Way to sick.

    • Patty Patty

      Loved it!

  10. Chris Chris

    Loved crave and would like to a sequel ….for some reason just couldn’t get into vacationers 🙁

  11. Tom Tom

    Please don’t share but , for some reason, I read main character as “Martin” for 3/4 of the story .. shit!!!

    Not a problem but a much different read ..🙄

    Ready for Crave ll

  12. Marco La Porta Marco La Porta

    I thoroughly enjoyed Crave as well and would definitely want to read a sequel. Loved Kink too. On to Vacationers.

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