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Crave Discussion Post (Spoilers)

If you’d like to discuss Crave, please do so here. If you haven’t read it, please see the previous post 🙂

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  1. Hi Crowley!
    Read Crave and we’ll this one was a lot too much for me. Couldn’t stop reading once I got started and love how you hold the readers’
    attention. Well, but Kink was out there but still a good read.
    I’m don’t feel any curiosity to read Crave 2!
    Right now, I’m reading Vacation! Just over 200 page mark and curious to see what’s going to happen!

    • crowley crowley

      Thanks for the comments 🙂
      Yeah I can see how it could be too much for some! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy vacationers!

  2. I forgot to proof read before sending,
    I really am more articulate than I come across!

  3. Christine Christine

    I couldn’t put Crave down!! I would very much like to see a Crave 2 to see how things continue!

    • crowley crowley

      Cool, thanks!!

  4. Ma'at Miller Ma'at Miller

    Would be interested in seeing where you go with Crave 2. I liked Vacationers as well. You guys are some sick mofos.

    • crowley crowley

      Thank you very much.
      That, we are 🙂

    • Neil Neil

      Read Kink…..

  5. Josh Josh

    loved it…cant wait to see what you got in store for a sequel!

    • crowley crowley


  6. Monte Monte

    Wow….that was freaking crazy and scary as sh*t. I couldn’t put it down. Sci-Fi and true Horror at its best. I cant’t wait for part 2. In fact, I crave it!!!!

    • crowley crowley

      Awesome, thanks!

  7. Dave Prosen Dave Prosen

    I really enjoyed Crave. Even when I was expecting something crazy and nasty from you, I did not expect that! Great book and keep up the good work. I would really like to see a second one.

  8. Ash Ash

    I really liked this book. Please write a sequel.

  9. Jim Jim

    No. Way to sick.

    • Patty Patty

      Loved it!

  10. Chris Chris

    Loved crave and would like to a sequel ….for some reason just couldn’t get into vacationers 🙁

  11. Tom Tom

    Please don’t share but , for some reason, I read main character as “Martin” for 3/4 of the story .. shit!!!

    Not a problem but a much different read ..🙄

    Ready for Crave ll

  12. Marco La Porta Marco La Porta

    I thoroughly enjoyed Crave as well and would definitely want to read a sequel. Loved Kink too. On to Vacationers.

  13. Jane Palmer Jane Palmer

    I’m definitely craving more! Brilliant!

  14. Would be interested to see where this terrifying idea takes you. Crave was just the right amount of gory-violent-sick-sexy for me, so I’d definitely like to read more …

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