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Vacationers – Discussion and Comments (Spoilers)

If you’d like to discuss Vacationers, please do so in the comments underneath this post.

Spoilers are allowed, so don’t read the comments until you’ve read the book!

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  1. Another entertaining read! (I’ve read Kink and Ham so far.) I was really surprised in Vacationers that the kills that disturbed me most were the dog butchers. I’ve been vegan for 13 years but still felt sorry for them. I think that it’s because im Asian and it felt like watching my grandparents get butchered. I also wish I had seen the surprise ending coming, especially since the book’s title is plural! Looking forward to Headhunter and Crave!

    • crowley crowley

      Good notice on the Title being plural 🙂

      Yeah I know what you mean about the dog butchers… actually that’s why that scene was less detailed than some of the others!

  2. Tom Tom

    Thank you for another literary adventure .. will never think of a vacation again without a flashback. Had a hmmm moment about 2/3 through and enjoyed the wait. Have read all the Barns offerings to date and will continue to be an avid follower in the future.

    Have never commented on books in the past but yours strikes a chord … thank you!

    • crowley crowley

      Thank YOU for the kind comments!


    Hahaha! I sussed it out pretty early on! I’m not usually very good at that,but must have read so many gorefest books that I’m be coming familiar with the twists!
    I didn’t however,guess the game part.
    A good read. Thanks x

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