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Hello readers!

Until a few moments ago this post was a generic “Hello World!” post. Yet, despite its lack of interesting content, there were 3 wonderful comments.

It makes me think I should update my site. And, you know, use it.

So… updates coming soon!

(Originally posted on March 30 2017, updated April 17 2018)

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  1. JJ JJ

    Just read Kink. I’ve no idea how I happened upon it on the Kindle store, buy very much enjoyed the read! A sickening story that was a real page turner!

    Rare for me to complete a book in 24 hours (OK, it’s no ware an peace novel, but still…). Subscribed so will look out for you next books. Keep it up man!


    • crowley crowley

      Thanks so much for the kind comments!
      New book coming very soon!

  2. VMc VMc

    Wow, wow, wow. My mind is blown.wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this book for Kindle just a few short hours ago, I was just going to read the sample for the time being and possibly buy to read it later but once started I just couldn’t put it down, fully fleshed out characters (well initially 😉 ) and a true page turner, I only forced myself to put it down for ten minutes because the end was nearing so fast and I wanted to make it last and to see if I could predict the ending (I couldn’t!) very cleverly written. not my usual genre, but honestly really enjoyed (if that’s the right word to use when intrigued and horrified?) Whatever the right word is you have a real talent for writing and I will be keeping my eye out for future books from you. Keep up the great work!

    • crowley crowley

      Thank you for such a wonderfully encouraging comment! I’m sure I don’t deserve it 🙂

      You’ll be pleased to know that I am currently finishing up another book and hopefully it’ll be out in about a week.
      By the way, did you read “Ham” as well? It’s a short-story/novelette that kind of accompanies Kink. You can get it for free if you join my mailing list, or you can borrow or buy it on Amazon.

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I know there isn’t much on this website yet!
      Regards, -CrowB

  3. Bex Bex

    I’ve just this minute finished Kink. It was a crazy, fun story. I’m hoping that we get to hear more about the ageless. The story was great as a stand-alone, but I want more! I’m planning on leaving a review on Amazon after I’ve slept – I had to stay up til it was finished haha.

    • crowley crowley

      Yeah… perhaps Kink will be the first book in a series…? We’ll see…

      For the time being, I have another book coming out very soon, “Vacationers”.

      Thank you for the comment and the upcoming Amazon review, they’re much appreciated!

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